Banginapalli Mangoes 3Kg
Banginapalli Mangoes 3Kg
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Banginapalli Mangoes 3Kg

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Significantly larger than their Alphonso counterparts, the benganappalli mango hails from a village of the same name in Andhra Pradesh. With its pleasant aroma, thin blemish-free skin and fibre-free sweet yellow pulp, the Banganapalli is certainly the choice for those who don't like fibrous textures in their fruit.

These mangoes are usually large sized, weighing on an average 350-400 grams. The pulp is fibreless, firm and yellow with sweet taste, Imported from the Andhra region of India. Is also known as Benishan in some parts of the country.

The peak season for Banganapalle is between mid-April and mid-June.

3Kg Box , Contains approximately 7-9 Mangoes depending on size

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