Dakshyn Ompodi 180gms

Dakshyn Ompodi 180gms

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  • Prepared with Authentic Ingredients native to South India
  • Naturally High in Dietary Fibre. It helps digest better.
  • Gluten Free (Feel lighter, not bloated)
  • No Food Additives (e.g. Stabalizers, Acidity Regulators, Thickening Agent... None of that weird stuff)
  • No Transfat; No Cholesterol
  • Southern festivities come alive in your palate when you dig in to Dakshyn’s Ompodi! Subtle hints of Omam (or ‘Ajwain’) and lush curry leaves make this an irresistable delight. This is a perfect tea time snack and also doesn’t count for too much calories. Omam / Ajwain cools your system and is known for its medicinal virtues.

    At Dakshyn, we believe that traditional food tastes best when prepared with authentic ingredients sourced from the place of origin. With this philosophy we set out to source the freshest and the finest ingredients from the region some of which are world renowned for e.g. Nendran variety of plantain from Kerala, Pepper from Munnar, Chilli from Guntoor etc., which truly makes us gourmet.

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