Fudco Cinnamon Powder 100gms

Fudco Cinnamon Powder 100gms

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Cinnamon Is High in a Substance With Powerful Medicinal Properties.

Cinnamon, one of the most-used spices in Indian cuisine, has been used for thousands of years .In ancient Egypt, its use was limited to royalty, who used it in beverages, medicine, and the embalming of their corpses. It was deemed as a gift fit for the gods. Currently, it is the world’s fifth most expensive spice by weight.

Cinnamon is the dried inner bark of various trees belonging to the Cinnamomum genus, with the thinnest bark being the highest quality. It has sweet, pleasant smell and taste, and is used widely in beverages and food. In cooking, it is used in both desserts and main course dishes. It is available in both sticks and ground form. In most Indian dishes, however, you would be using the sticks, so you better buy whole cinnamon sticks. You can grind them later in your coffee grinder or food processor if you need ground cinnamon for any of your dishes

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