Gits Punjabi Chhole 300gms
Gits Punjabi Chhole 300gms

Gits Punjabi Chhole 300gms

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Gits Punjabi Chole 300g

Curried chickpeas in richly spiced hot sauce, 100% Vegetarian, No preservatives, No artificial Flavour or colour, A Favourite from punjabi.

The Land of five river , whoes people are wel known for their zest for life and their wholesome cuisine punjabi chhole is a tangy dish of chick peas, in spiced thick gravy of onions and tomatoes, Cooked slowly in a apecial sauce , its sour and tangy taste goes well with pitta bread or dinner roll but traditionally so with Bhatura a flat bread made from a yogurt based drough, served with lemon or chilli pickle and garnished with slices of onions and fresh lemons, Punjabi chole can be a tasty 
side dish or a meal itself.

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