Gits Rose Falooda Mix 200gms

Gits Rose Falooda Mix 200gms

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Delicious beverage-cum-dessert with vermicelli, sweet basil (Sabja seeds) and rose flavour.

Summer's best treat, Gits Rose Falooda is a dessert drink with rose syrup, crunchy plump sweet basil seeds (which can be purchased separately  at kirana store), silky noodles, and milk. Normally garnished with nuts or rose petals this cooling drink can be assembled within minutes making it the easiest yet stunning dessert ever!  The Gits Rose Falooda is a dessert disguised as a drink, which can be served with ice or vanilla ice cream, of which are steeped in a colourful bath of rose and khus syrup, with nuts sprinkled over.
Gits Rose Falooda will quench your sweet desires, leaving you thirsting for more.

What does Rose falooda taste like?

Falooda made with sharbat syrup misses a core part of the flavor of the authentic milkshake, and simply tastes like rose water +milk. 

Where does Rose Falooda come from? 

The origin of falooda goes back to Iran (Persia), where a similar dessert, faloodeh, was popular. The dessert came to Medieval India with the many Central Asian dynasties that invaded and settled in the Indian subcontinent in the 16th to 18th century.

Why it is called Rose falooda?

Falooda was introduced in the Indian subcontinent during the Moghul period. Falooda means 'shredded' in idiomatic Hindustani and the name refers to the thin vermicelli noodles that are an integral part of falooda. In India, vermicelli noodles are also known as falooda sev. 

Ingredients & Preperation:

Sugar, Dextrose, Vermicelli, Raisins, Tapioca Pearls, Basil Seeds (Sabja), Corn flour.

How to preparr Gits Rose Falooda Mix Simply mix milk & water. Add mix and boil. Serve cold.

  • No artificial flavours and colours.
  • 100% vegetarian.
  • Makes 7 servings.

Gits Rose Falooda Mix Nutrition Values:

 Energy: 347Kcal

Protein: 1.6g

carbohydrates: 85g

Sugar(added) : 40g

Fat: 0.08 g

Calcium: 12.78mg

Iron: 0.78mg

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