Krakhana Zinda Tilismath, 5ML
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Krakhana Zinda Tilismath, 5ML

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A panacea fro several ailments which can be used both internally and Externally COUGH, COLD & CORYZA take 2 drops of Zinda Tilismath in water , tea, coffee or betel leaves 2 times a day. It will also help if 2 drops on Zinda Tilismath are rubbed on neck, chest & nose twice daily.

Zindatilismath is a 100% herbal and natural Unani medicine, which used to treat many common ailments like cold, cough, throat pain, body pain,headache,vomitings,stomach disorders, ear pain, tooth pain and many more. Prepared from selected herbs with the promise of 'Health from nature', it is extremely effective and popularly known as the ' Har marz ki dawa'- i.e. 'Cure for all aliments' to millions since 1920. With no side effects and its uniqueness to take the medicine both internal and external use.

This product from the city of Hyderabad has become a world famous herbal remedy to treat many common ailments. With it's affordable cost and easy availability, this 'Magic Portion' or 'Living Magic' which it is popularly addressed as, Zindatilismath has gained popularity among masses of people all over india and abroad.Many,call it their 'Home Doctor' and believe with cure in each drop,it has stood for past many years as a trusted herbal unani medicine.

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