Kwality Pure Ghee 1LTR
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Kwality Pure Ghee 1LTR

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Kwality Pure Ghee 1LTR

Kwality Pure Ghee is made from only the best cream from cow's milk and produced using the traditional process. Giving it the golden yellow colour and aroma that is the hallmark of an authentic cow's ghee. 

Ghee is a form of highly-clarified butter that is traditionally used in Asian cooking. Like butter, ghee is typically made from cow's milk. Ghee is made by melting regular butter. The butter separates into liquid fats and milk solids.

Ghee is a rich source of vitamins, antioxidants, and healthy fats. While fat should be consumed in moderation, studies show that eating fatty foods such as ghee can help the body absorb some essential vitamins and minerals.

Ghee (Sanskrit: घृत) is a class of clarified butter that originated in ancient India. It is commonly used in cuisine of the Indian subcontinent, Middle Eastern cuisine, traditional medicine, and religious rituals.

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