Lipton Green Tea Raspberry and Pomegranate 20 Tea Bags

Lipton Green Tea Raspberry and Pomegranate 20 Tea Bags

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Lipton Green Tea  Raspberry and Pomegranate 20 Tea BagsLIPTON black tea with lemon peels Had any stimulating experiences today? Here's one. Zesty pieces of lemon peels mix it up with tea leaves. Probably all the excitement you need for one day. LIPTON Pyramid Tea The pyramid long-leaf tea is handpicked from only the top two leaves and a bud for uncompromising quality. LIPTON long-cut tea is delicately packaged in unique pyramid-shaped bags that allow the tea room to flow freely with real pieces of fruit, herbs, or spices for a truly authentic tea infusion. The result is an exceptionally pure tea flavor and aroma. LIPTON The Tea Experts For more than 100 years, LIPTON has served tea to all corners of the globe, bringing exotic flavors and new techniques to tea drinkers everywhere. Pyramid teas are one of the latest innovations LIPTON has created to meet your desire for premium teas. LIPTON Growing their Own Tea to Ensure Quality LIPTON only uses the top leaves of the tea plant. These youngest, tenderest, and most flavorful leaves produce the best, highest-quality cup of tea. LIPTON grows their own best quality tea leaves. They have their own tea estates in India, Kenya, and Tanzania. They also source teas from as many as 35 countries to ensure a consistent taste and an uninterrupted supply. These teas have to be the best of the best to satisfy the tea experts. LIPTON is committed to sourcing all of their tea from sustainably managed farms. LIPTON is proud that their Kericho, Kenya estate has been Rainforest Alliance CertifiedTM. In addition, they expect that by 2015, all tea in LIPTON tea bags sold globally will have been grown on Rainforest Alliance Certified estates.

  • This fine Green tea is blended with pieces of Raspberry and Pomegranate
  • 100% natural, no preservatives or coloring
  • Unique pyramid-shaped bags allow the tea with real lemon, to flow freely for a truly authentic tea infusion
  • Lipton teas generally contain between 65 and 130 mg of flavonoids per 8 fluid ounce serving.


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