MADJOOL Dates High Quality Big Size 250grams
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MADJOOL Dates High Quality Big Size 250grams

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100% natural, large medjool dates, grown in the sun drenched, fertile Jordan Valley, on the Banks of the river Jordan and imported from the kingdom of Jordan. These heavenly Medjool dates are known as the king of dates. They are large and plump and have a soft texture and taste often described as a caramel, honey taste. They are a natural super food and make a truly healthy snack, containing no fat and being naturally high in fibre and contain no cholesterol. A real delicacy for everyday Country of Origin - Jordan.

100% Natural (No Additives, Preservatives, Added Sugars or Coloring's) As Mother Nature Intended

GMO Gluten, fat & sodium Free,

Suitable for Vegan and Raw Diets & Full of Natural Nutrients,

Antioxidants, Fibre & Makes a Truly Healthy Snack or as an Addition to Healthy Recipes

Deliciously Sweet & Naturally Healthy ( 1 to 2 of These Dates Forms 1 of Your Recommended 5 a Day)

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