Margo Neem Soap 100gms
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Margo Neem Soap 100gms

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Margo Neem Soap has antibacterial properties that deep cleanses the skin It tones and nourishes skin keeping it healthy Neem oils antimicrobial properties remove germs from skin This helps the complexion to maintain its delicate sheen and enhances beauty naturally.

Margo Neem Soap has anti-bacterial properties that deep cleanses the skin. Neem soap has a reputation to tone and nourishes skin, keeping it healthy. Neem oil's anti-microbial properties remove viruses, bacteria's, fungi, and parasites, from skin, removing germs.

Neem soap is one of the most broadly used healthy skin items in India. The cleanser goes about as an antibacterial, clearing up skin rashes, skin inflammation, and dermatitis

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