Nepal Foods Nettle Leaf (Sishno) Powder 100g
Nepal Foods

Nepal Foods Nettle Leaf (Sishno) Powder 100g

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Nettle Leaf Powder

NEPAL FOODS NETTLE LEAF POWDER 100G and more great value items from our huge range at My Spice Shop! The UKs largest online world & ethnic ...

How to use Nettle powder.

You can blend them half and half with sugar, icing sugar and blitz to a make a nettle sugar. Use the nettle sugar to dust over cakes, roll energy balls in it or coat freshly made doughnuts in it,It tastes little bit grassy but since you usually add it to foods you can easily adjust its taste with vinegar, lemon, garlic or other spices.

Nettle plants originated in Europe but have spread throughout the world, and have been used for centuries as food, a tea and a balm for the skin. Nettle has a natural ability to calm and soothe inflammation, which makes it the perfect choice for helping to reduce redness in dry skin.

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