Organic Apple & Ginger Juice (750ml)
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Organic Apple & Ginger Juice (750ml)

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James Organic Apple and Ginger is made with pressed root ginger juice so it is smooth and gently warming.

James White Organic Apple and Ginger Juice is both fresh and high quality! James White Organic Apple and Crushed Ginger Juice –  made with freshly farm pressed apple juice, gently spiced with  crushed root ginger,This combination is delicious, refreshing, and an award-winning drink. The organic apple juice giving this drink a clean, crisp, naturally sweet apple flavour!

James White Organic Apple and ginger juice has an intense apple flavour with an unrivalled sharp taste of the ginger, both rich and fruity! This juice is perfect for summer parties as a non-achoholic drink both for adults and kids.


Is organic juice better than regular juice?
Pesticide residues were found to be 10-100 times lower than non organic produce. Organic crops showed as much as 60% higher concentrations in antioxidants. In addition levels of flavanones were found to be almost 70% higher in organic produce.

what makes our James White organic juice organic:

You must be knowing that this organic juice are made from organic fruits which are grown naturally without using any pesticides, chemicals, insecticides!

Is drinking organic juice good for you?

Organic juice is a rich source of antioxidants such as vitamin A, vitamin C. Each of these antioxidants is super beneficial for our body. From strengthening bones to better vision, they all play magnificent roles!


Apple ginger juice is one such healthy drink that combines the best of both worlds. The body warming effect of ginger gives your body immunity to fight with common flu and cold while apple gives a healthy dose of dietary fibre, which helps prevent absorption of dietary LDL cholesterol.

Organic apple juice (98%), organic root ginger juice (2%), vitamin C (ascorbic acid) as an antioxidant

Nutritional info:

Quantity 49Kcal

per 100ml

Energy 0.1

207kj / 49kcal

of which saturate 0


of which sugars 11.3


Protein 10.6


Salt 0

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