Prime Karak Mamri Chai (Preminum)-450gms
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Prime Karak Mamri Chai (Preminum)-450gms

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PRIME – PREMIUM Danedar Karak Mamri Chai Tea. An infusion of Natural and Authentic Tea Leaves. We want to ensure that only the very best tea makes it to your cups – taste tested & approved by PRIME – THE HOUSE of TASTE. Rainforest Alliance Certified. Natural resources and wildlife are conserved whilst the rights and wellbeing of our workers are safeguarded. We only trade with tea farmers who share our ideals, treating their workers fairly with proper wages, healthcare & education. Directions: Use one heaped teaspoon per 200ml of water. Always use freshly boiled water & for best results allow to cool for 1 minute prior to pouring. Allow tea to brew to desired strength – add milk & sugar to taste. ENJOY!

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