Priya Gongura Pickle 300g
Priya Gongura Pickle 300g

Priya Gongura Pickle 300g

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For ages, Gongura has been a proud possession in the hearts & kitchens of Telugu people. Our Priya represents the essence of this signature Telugu pickle “Gongura” processed with specially sourced leaves and no one else bottles it finest than Priya Foods.

With specially sourced plant leaves and finely prepared pickle, Priya Gongura pickles will breach the boundaries of bliss.


  • Gongura Leaves,
  • Refined Rice Bran Oil,
  • Iodized Salt,
  • Tamarind Extract,
  • Chilli Powder,
  • Mixed Spices,
  • Mustard Seeds,
  • Dry Chillies and Curry Leaves.

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