Rajah Bay Leaves
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Rajah Bay Leaves

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Bay leaves can be grown as a culinary herb at home but true bay laurel requires a climate similar to their natural Mediterranean habitat.  It prefers rich, well-drained soil and sunny weather. The bay leaf tree is evergreen and grows up to a height of 12m. The growth rate is very slow but once it starts growing it requires room to spread out. The bay leaves are usually harvested once the plant is a couple of years old. The leaves should be dried before use, as fresh bay leaves are bitter. The best wait time is around 48 to 72 hours from the time the leaves are picked.
  • Bengali Tej Paata
  • Gujarati Tej Patta
  • Hindi Teej Patta
  • Kannada Be Elegalu
  • Malayalam Karuva Ella
  • Marathi Tamalpatra
  • Oriya Tejapatra
  • Punjabi Tej Patta
  • Sylheti Taysh Patha
  • Tamil Pe Ilaikal
  • Telugu Be Akulu
  • Urdu Tezz Patta

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