Shankar Idly Rice 5kg
Shankar Idly Rice 5kg
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Shankar Idly Rice 5kg

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Shankar Idly Rice in Uk- 5kg

Idli rice is an Indian rice which is parboiled. During parboiling, rice is pre-processed in order to reduce soaking time before polishing and it also has gelatinised starch which gives added textures. Idli rice is mainly used for making idli batter.

Idli Rice is sourced directly from the fields in South India. Idli rice grains are short and thick, which are effortlessly digested. Idli Rice is wholesome as it is a rich supply of fibers and is effortless to digest and strong. It is a great supply of carbohydrates and proteins. They are light and it can create in jiffy with minimal ingredients. Idli rice reduces the soaking time and yields a better texture than parboiled loose rice.

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