Shyam Dry Fruit Farali Chevdo 200gms

Shyam Dry Fruit Farali Chevdo 200gms

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Shyam Dry Fruit Farali Chevdo 200gms

The meaning of Farali is fasting, so the literar meaning of the dish is Potatoes eaten during a fast.

Dy farali food – includes all the fruits and nuts, milk and milk products including yogurt. ... I like to make this Chevdo /chewdo for the fasting months but also all the year round as it has so many high energy nuts in it. It makes a nice snack to serve with drinks too.

The key ingredient for Farali chevdo is potato. Potato is peeled, washed and shredded. You can then prepare Bateta or Aloo (Potato) prepare two ways. You can simply fry shredded potato till golden brown and crispy or you can also make this with sundried potato sticks if you want to make it quick and easy.

Farari Chevda is a special mixture made for fasting time. It's made with potato sticks and spices topped with cashews and raisins. This product is dry and can be shipped via standard shipping methods seen at checkout.

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