Simba Chilli Sauce

Simba Chilli Sauce

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A unique blend of east african flavours , this Chilli sauce one of the hottest of Bandaa Sauces , BANDAA Brings you the Authentic blending exotic flavours and zests from the east wiht the spices from Rural India. Resting in the cool shadows, until ready strike, this blisteringly hot sauce is surely the king of the taste experiences. Just like the lion that inspired it, this sauce is not for the feint of heart, and many men have wept at the sheer savage beauty of the complex mix of flavours. Suitable for vegan and vegetarians, no artificial colours, no artificial flavours, no artificial preservatives, & gluten free. Once open, please refrigerate and use within 28 days. Uses: Marinating Cooking BBQ Dipping Sauce

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