Sohum Whole Wheat Atta 5Kg
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Sohum Whole Wheat Atta 5Kg

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Sohum Whole Wheat Atta

Sohum Udyog Chakki Atta is a premium quality diet food for health-conscious individuals who are looking for breakfast options that are nutritious and filling. This special Chakki Atta is made from only the best quality Lokwan wheat. It also has better taste and longer shelf life because of the medically-safe fumigation process that every Sohum Udyog product goes through.

Sohum Udyog firmly believes in the saying, “A balanced diet consisting of healthy and nutritious food is a key to promoting good health.” The company’s founder, Late Smt. Sushila Gargate has made sure that their products bring maximum health benefits to its consumers. 

Chakki Fresh Whole Wheat Atta is an excellent diet kit for people suffering from Diabetes, Obesity, and various heart problems. Patients who are consuming this product have reported some noticeable improvements in their overall health conditions. The Chakki Atta price is also affordable for those who are trying to cut their diet expenses.

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