Subh Labh Diwali Gift With Sweet
Subh Labh Diwali Gift With Sweet
Subh Labh Diwali Gift With Sweet
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Subh Labh Diwali Gift With Sweet

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Pack of 2 Subh Labh and haldiram sweets

You will see this symbol at the entrance to all business houses in India.
The Swastik is a symbol of Lord Ganesha, the God of good beginnings. Riddhi & Siddhi, his two wives,
are represented by the two lines on either side. Shubh and Labh (the two words written in Devnagari
script above the Swastika) are sons of Lord Ganesha.

The literal meanings of the names give you a sense of upliftment.
Shubh means goodness and Labh means benefit.

Sri ganesh, Mother Laxmi and Mother Saraswati is worshipped together.
As well as in Laxmi puja (deepawali), Ganesha, Laxmi, and Saraswati are worshipped together.
We will write Shubh Labh while worshiping the deities together. Shubh meaning good
Luck and Labh meaning the benefits. Good luck and benefits.

It is believed that writing the words 'Shubh Labh' with turmeric or vermilion,
Lord Ganesha and Goddess Laxmi are pleased. Obviously, when they are happy,
you stand better chances of having good luck and benefits.

Shubh Labh yantra can be placed in puja Ghar, in cash box, Almirah.
Shubh Labh yantra is energised by reciting its Beej mantra
1008 times and also the homa is performed with 108 mantras.

A truly remarkable collectible .

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