Tapori Whole Jeera Seeds ( Cumin ) 500g

Tapori Whole Jeera Seeds ( Cumin ) 500g

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Tapori Whole jeera has a strong aromatic lingering flavour. Jeera features in most Indian savoury mixtures and curry seasonings,and is also an important Ingredient of garam masala.

Also commonly known by its Indian name, Jeera, cumin is traditionally added to curries, Mexican & Moroccan dishes, among many others.  It is an essential part of many spice blends (such as garam masala), either whole or ground.  Toasting the seeds first will heighten their strong aromatic aromas.  Whole cumin seeds sprinkled on vegetables then roasted in the oven is truly delicious.  Try it with squash, carrots or in lentil soups.  In fact, use it whenever you want to add a little touch of the exotic to your dish! Cumin also works particularly well in combination with coriander.

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