Telugu Foods Karapusa 170g
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Telugu Foods Karapusa 170g

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Telugu Foods Karapusa 170g

Healthy munchies to be enjoyed between the meals to treat your hunger pangs. Dig into a pack of Karapusa & indulge into great mix spices blended into with the fresh, crisp flavors.

Telugu Foods Karapusa gives you a motherly taste of india and a delicious snack where it takes you make to your childhood. Traditionally it is a deep-fried jar snack made during festivals in India .Telugu Foods Karapsua is prepared using the finest ingredients & an age old recipe handed down from generation to generation, which helps in retaining the authentic handmade flavour.

Ingredients in Telugu Foods Karapusa:

flour, Chikpea flour, Refined peanut Oil, butter, Salt chilli powder, Ajwain, sesame, cornflour.

Nutrition Values:

Energy - 653kJ

Protien - 3g

Fat - 8g

Carbohydrates - 18g

Sugar - 0mg


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