Veetee Megha Basmati Rice 20 Kg
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Veetee Megha Basmati Rice 20 Kg

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Basmati is a long-grain rice from India, considered to be one of the best-quality white rice. It has a distinctive aroma and, when cooked, each grain should remain separate, giving a light, fluffy result. It is the perfect accompaniment to Indian curries and is used in biriyani and pilaf dishes

  • EXTRA LONG: Our Extra Long Grain Basmati rice is a sub-category of regular Indian Basmati rice which takes all the excellent qualities of a true basmati and takes it one step further, making it an Extra Long Grain Basmati makes it perfect as a Biryani Rice, giving it a length that is amongst the longest in the world. Grown at the foothills of the himalayas and aged for at least 12 months, a delicious and aromatic rice that enhances the appeal of any dish
  • WONDERFUL AROMA: Literally translated as ‘the fragrant one’, Basmati has been described as having the aroma of sun-baked wood and flowers
  • TASTE OF SENSATION: Basmati tastes like no other rice on earth. Unlike ordinary long grain rice the light, fluffy texture of Basmati’s long, slender grains offers the palate a totally different experience in terms of mouth-feel and taste distinctive, unique and slightly ‘nutty’
  • BASMATI RICE RECIPES: Best to Cook Basmati Rice Recipes like Pilaf, Payesh, Biryani, Chicken Schezwan Rice, Desi Ghee Khichdi, Apple Kheer, Chicken Paella, Gosht Motia Pulao, Gulab Phirni, Zafrani Pulao, Easy Coconut Rice, Vegetable Fried Rice, Lemon Rice and more

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