Wagh Bakri Instant Cardamom Tea 3in1- Karak Chai 140g 10Sachets
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Wagh Bakri Instant Cardamom Tea 3in1- Karak Chai 140g 10Sachets

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Wagh Bakri 3in1 Instant Cardamom Tea- Karak Chai 140g 10Sachets

Cardamom tea is an herbal tea made from infusing the seeds or cardamom pods in hot water. The tea often features notes of apple and is consumed alongside sweet dishes. It is one of the most commonly consumed teas in Middle Eastern states and is a staple of Indian cooking.

Karak Chai is made with black loose tea leaves, crushed cardamom (sometimes I use cardamom flavoured evaporated milk instead), saffron and sugar. The key ingredient for the colour and taste of Karak Tea is actually made with evaporated milk

The cardamom tea on its own has a varied and fragrant flavor. Many describe the tea as being citrusy, floral and sweet. It also has undertones of smokiness and aromatic musk. This exotic flavor makes it a popular choice for mixing with other flavors.

Cardamom tea is a spicy and sweet tea that has been used in Asia and the Middle East as an herbal remedy. It boasts anti-inflammatory properties that protect heart health and is frequently used as an antidepressant to boost mood

"An effective digestive stimulant and diuretic, cardamom boosts metabolism and helps the body burn fat more effectively." Managing conditions like indigestion, constipation, and water retention, elaichi makes for an important weight loss spice.

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