White Gold Whitening Cream With Papaya Extract
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White Gold Whitening Cream With Papaya Extract

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  • The ‘White Gold whitening cream is the only cream which gives an instant fair look in 2 weeks.’ It contains papaya extracts. Papaya extract helps in removing dark circles and acne. It also contains almond oil which gives complete care to your skin. Papaya has now become a major element or constituent in skin whitening goods. Papaya holds papain, an existing enzyme that helps skin resumption and changes the movement of cells. It also washes or rubs a part of the body to remove the dead skin cells
  • What Is Papaya Good For? Skin Benefits 1.Moisturizes Skin 2.Clears Pigmentation 3.Reduces Wrinkles 4.Reduces Under-Eye Dark Circles 5.Helps Treat Eczema And Psoriasis 6.Treats Melasma 7.Removes Tan 8.Controls Acne Breakout
  • Country/Region of origin: Pakistan

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