Whole Bajra ( Pearl Millet ) - 1.5Kg
Whole Bajra ( Pearl Millet ) - 1.5Kg
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Whole Bajra ( Pearl Millet ) - 1.5Kg

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Bajra, considered to be very soothing and digestive, is gluten free, high in protein and fiber, good source of thiamine and better source of iron and has good amino acid balance.
Bajra is rich in magnesium, which helps keep the heart healthy. It has potassium, which dilates blood vessels, allowing blood to flow more easily. This helps reduce overall blood pressure. Bajra also has fibre that helps reduce LDL, or bad, cholestrol.
A grain known from prehistoric times in India, bajra is extensively cultivated in the hot desert of Rajasthan. Less amounts of bajra - mixed with water as bajra lassi - may be the power drink to have this summer. Rich in iron, phosphates and protein.
Did you know?

Bajra is called babala and lebelebele in Africa and milheto in Brazil.
One cup of dry pearl millet expands to three cups of cooked millet.

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