Yash Chorafali 200g  (Diwali Snack)
Yash Chorafali 200g  (Diwali Snack)
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Yash Chorafali 200g (Diwali Snack)

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Yash Chorafali 200g

A traditional Gujarati snack that resembles the taste of papad or chips, the chorafali is ideal to enjoy during snack time. these crispy and savory nibbles are usually made during Diwali time out of gram flour and urad flour. enjoy it wholeheartedly!

  • Chorafali is the Popular Gujarat Snack Made During Diwali .
  • it is light ,fluffy and crispy
  • Made with chickpea and udad dal flour, chorafali is an amazing Gujarati snack.
  • Chorafali is an enjoyable deep-fried, flaky snack.

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