Haldiram's Pani Puri Kit

Haldiram's Pani Puri Kit

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Bring the taste of pani puri home with Haldiram instant pani puri concentrate and let your family taste it. This Ready To Eat Pani Puri Set Contains approximately 30 Pani Puri Balls, Boondi, Pani Puir Paste, Sweet & Spicy Sauce , all the ingredients you need to make Golgappas at home
• 30 Puris 120g
• Pani Puri Dry Masala 55g
• Boondi 50g
• Tangy Chutney 50g.

Recipe for Pani Puri Water:

• Add 800ml of the Chilled water to the 55g sachet of Pani Puri Dry Masala or dilute according to taste.

Recipe for Boondi:
• Soak Boondi in luke warm water for 2 minutes, drain the excess water.
Recipe for Pani Puri:

• Make a small hole on the Puri.
• Fill one fourth of the Puri with either Presoaked Boondi Optionally add boiled potato or  boiled Chana with Finely Chopped Onions.
• Fill Puri with a small quantity of diluted Chutney water.

Tips for Crispier Pani Puri :
Put all the Puris in a Microwave on a medium heat for 30 seconds.

Suitable for Vegetarians.

Product of India.

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