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Kashi Urad Gota 1.5Kg

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Kashi Urad Gota 1.5Kg

The black gram, also known as a urad or urid gota, is the bean that is dried to make urad flour Urad Gota, also known as White Urad Dal, is a whole black gram, with its outer skinned dehulled, revealing the white or pale white colored dal.

Urad Gota - commonly known as black lentils or matpe beans. Nutty flavor that are rich in protein and iron. Laxmi Organic Urad Gota can be used for many dishes from stews, or prepared in traditional Indian cuisine.

This is a lentil with a mildly bitter flavor and a slightly slippery texture that tends to cook up thick and that makes it great as a binding agent in dishes like idlis and dosas.