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Indian Desserts & Sweets

Indian Desserts & Sweets

In the UK when you are introduced to Indian food it's not uncommon to be surprised when dessert arrives at the table. 

Indian sweets have little resemblance to the common Western desserts and not having a point of reference can make it hard to decipher what's on your plate and how to eat it.

While it’s easy to be perplexed about that plate of diamond-shaped Kaju Katli or a bowl of syrupy gulab jamun, an adventurous foodie quickly discovers the addictive quality of Indian sweets. Just one bite and those fragrant and exotic Indian desserts suddenly become something you crave.

During festive occasions like Diwali, the Hindu festival of lights that takes place during the new moon between October and November , browse our collection of Traditional Indian Sweets for your festive celebrations