Supply Demand & Price rise



We thought this is a good information to share specially with our price sensitive customers , as everyone knows we are going through unprecedented times with the COVID-19 Situation , we will try to explain why some prices seem to be unusually higher as you know a lot of our products are not originated from the UK and therefore need to be imported , with global demand at all time low the shipments by sea and by Air and reduced passenger airlines means there is very little cargo space which makes it all more precious and expensieve , same goes to the sea freight this is one side of the price increase the other is production , we have seen a large amount factrories across the world reduce capacity either to comply with the social distancing or lack of migrant workers who support the food production across the world , all this effects the supply chain across most industries and likewise us and our suppliers , one may argue that somethings are cheaper elesewhere , this may be purely due to the fact they have enough stockpile or are clearing stock thats goning out of date  or even liquidating to generate cash into the business , we are doing all we can to keep up with the demand but please be assured that we at Kirana store will do our best to be competetive and your valuable feedback is very much appreciated.

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